Uncover your best self through holistic coaching

I help women to find harmony and rich fulfilment in their lives by providing a safe, supportive space in which to explore and learn about themselves.

Navigating life’s transitions

You’ve reached a transitional moment in life. You’re unsure which way to go and are filled with questions about what’s next. Perhaps, your children have left home, you’ve spent years caring for others, or achieved outward success but still feel unfulfilled and stuck. Or you’ve experienced illness or loss that now has you questioning what you truly want from life. Or maybe, you’ve always sensed something missing – a yearning for more purpose and meaning – and are now ready to direct your energy into doing something for yourself.









Personal Coaching

1:1 sessions to find your path to sustainable change. Support between sessions is provided.

Your Future

What do you really want? Do you yet know? We can explore this together.

Proven Results

We work together, then you create the results. View my testimonials here.

Rediscover your potential

You have goals and dreams, yet self-doubt holds you back. The path forward is unclear to you.

You want a judgement-free partner who understands the challenges you face. Someone to help you rediscover your passions and gifts so you start accomplishing the meaningful change you desire.

You deserve fulfilling work, satisfying relationships, financial security, great health, and a deeper spiritual life. But getting unstuck is so much easier with guidance from someone who has walked this path themselves.

That’s why I created this coaching program – to help women just like you make your next chapter your best and brightest.

Coaching that meets you where you are

You’ll discover a safe, supportive, and fun space to explore where you currently are and what matters most to you going forward. It starts with your dreams, your goals – whatever you want to work on. From there, we’ll clarify and zero in on that very first step towards the outcome you desire.

Pat Dodd coach profile image

Hi, I’m Pat

After a cancer diagnosis and subsequent soul-searching, I left a management career that no longer felt authentic. Through my coaching qualifications and diverse experience, spanning business, teaching, fitness, and more, I found my true calling – empowering women to craft lives of meaning, balance, and joy.


The sessions with Pat have made a significant, positive impact on my life. Pat is incredibly warm, calm, friendly and supportive with a great skill of being able to provide challenge in a very safe environment and in a comfortable way that always makes me feel at ease. I always left the sessions feeling lighter. I know that Pat’s future clients will be very lucky to have her as a coach.

Nicola Burke

My coaching sessions with Pat have been transformative and helpful in many ways. Through her intuitive, skilful questions and great listening skills, Pat helped me to feel more motivated. Pat’s professionalism, coaching skills and rapport building are excellent. She made me feel safe, welcome and understood. Pat was gentle and also able to challenge my mindset when needed.

Sandrine Cranswick

I approached Pat for coaching on working towards a more meaningful career. I came away from each session feeling very motivated, having spent a good portion of time understanding what achieving my chosen session goal would look and feel like and how each action would create a positive impact within my life. I would recommend Pat to anybody looking to make sustainable changes to their life.

Eloise Vigneault

Ready to say ‘yes’ to yourself?

Great! Let’s get started with a free exploratory call to see if my coaching is right for you. We’ll address any questions, explain the coaching process, and decide if we’re a good fit to work together. The call will be on Zoom. We’ll also determine which package is most suitable for you.